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who we are

We back exceptional entrepreneurs that are changing the way we live and work.

GroundBreak Ventures™ is a venture capital firm specializing in real estate and property technology. We invest as early as the pre-seed stage, and provide both the capital and the domain expertise necessary to support the growth of our entrepreneurs, and the businesses they work tirelessly to build.

Our firm is based in Toronto and supported by Hopewell®, a multifaceted real estate organization with operations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Arizona. Over its nearly 40- year history, Hopewell® has built extensive industry networks and deep expertise in residential and commercial development, homebuilding, property management and logistics. The company has embraced innovation; a willingness to adopt new technology is a key differentiator in its approach to business.


We strive to solve problems throughout the built world.

These problems can be extremely complex, such as tackling housing affordability in major urban centres; or very basic, such as helping building owners meet new energy efficiency targets. Once we have identified the right team and the right technology, we leverage our decades of financial and real estate expertise to help open doors and accelerate growth. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the value of a good partner and we are committed to achieving the impossible – together!


What we look for

Focused on PropTech investment opportunities at the pre-seed to Series A stages, with the ability to follow-on across multiple rounds.


Strong, nimble founders

We understand that building a technology business in today’s dynamic environment is hard work. Adapting to rapidly evolving customer needs, making difficult personnel decisions, and fending off new competitive threats requires leadership to act decisively and the ability to pivot when necessary are paramount to success.

Ability to scale

Not all PropTech businesses are a good fit for our venture investment. We look for businesses with large addressable markets, minimal customization and a predictable, repeatable sales model.


Attention to detail

While we really love big ideas, we love strong execution even more. To grow into a viable business, an idea requires processes in place to plan, track, analyze and evaluate. In our experience, doing the little things right is highly correlated to profitable outcomes.


Product/market fit can be as much about timing as it is about the product or the market. We look for companies that are addressing a material pain point in the market today, and have a vision for where that market might be tomorrow.


 Lets’s Chat

Having a conversation is the best way to find out if we’re a good fit for each other.


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